Do You Take God? Workbook


As we learned in “Do you take God” issues are made worse if we have an improper view of marriage.  The picture we are painted of marriage as children is so terribly untrue. Our expectations of each other based on a misrepresentation often create challenges that are exceedingly difficult to overcome.

This workbook is designed to help put into practice the things we learned in the book.  Each chapter has a series of questions.  These questions are asked to further thought and discussion about the content in the chapter. Reference to the book is necessary to answer the questions.  This will also serve as a reminder of the things learned.

The questions are not intended to be used as weapons against each other.  Rather, they are intended to promote open and honest discussion.  By creating dialogue about our concerns we can more clearly hear and see each other’s point of view. Such an experience will also help us effectively develop a plan of action to resolve our challenges.



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