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When God created the world, the only thing he announced as not good, was man being alone.  Our heavenly Father solved the issue by creating a woman and thus generously giving humanity marriage.  The union of marriage is of divine origin. Marriage is created and governed by God, but man has been constant in his refusal to follow God’s divine instructions.

God determined that a man and a woman was to be married and each was to function within a role within their marriage.  According to God, the husband is to be head of his wife and the wife is to submit to her husband.  Man in his wisdom has proclaimed God’s design as outdated, old and sexist, is it?

Our rejection of God’s design has resulted in difficulties and divorce.  Today it is more likely for women to lead families then men.  Or for men and women to fight over who will lead and direct the family.  Husbands and wives are often unhappy and unfulfilled in their marriages.  With man opting to get out rather than to keep struggling.

What if we returned to God’s design?  Could God help our marriages?  He could, if we rejected the worlds notion of no one leading the home or women leading the home.  If men led like God,  lived like Christ and loved their wives like Christ loved the church. God never intended for marriage to be endured, tolerated, or survived.  He had so much more planned for us.

That is the purpose of this book, it is divided into four sections: Section one is for the couple: for us. This section details God’s design and intention when he created marriage.  It will be in stark contrast with our cultural teaching on men and women and their roles in marriage.  Section two is for him.  Christ is the man’s example for how to be a husband.  If a man who follows God will be the husband God wants him to be, he must act toward his wife like Christ behaves toward the church.

Section three is for her:  The church is the woman’s example for how to be a wife, it is the bride of Christ.  God’s instruction to a wife is very different than what women hear and learn growing up in our society.  Section four is for us. This section contains practical helps and tips for the couple.  We can have the marriages we desire and God intended by taking God’s word and emulating him.

Of course he can read her sections and she can read his.  It might actually help to get the other person’s perspective.  Plus, after you read your section I’m sure you will want to know what I said to your spouse.  I want to live the happy blessed life God intended for us when he gave us marriage and I trust you want the same thing. So let’s take a look backward so we can move forward. Together we can  discover or maybe re-discover God’s intention when he gave us the great and wonderful relationship called marriage.



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