Extra Extra Read All About It



A man’s wife is his press agent; she can largely spin the narrative that others will believe about him. A good question, then, is what is the story others are reading about your husband? Some people may think a man to be a pretty good guy, but when they hear his wife, they will learn that he is actually not worth the heat caused by rubbing two nickels together.


She may say, “I’m not pretending for him,” and so she tells everyone who will listen all of their business. Ladies, it is not pretending; it is protection (see Matthew 7:12). Let me suggest this: if you are the only one in the group running down your husband, you ought to be quiet and ask yourself why. The other women surely have problems, but they aren’t running down their husbands.


They might know that whatever they are going through will pass. They will overcome this problem as they have others. Or they may know they would not want their husbands running them down to his friends and family. You and your husband will make up, forget, and move on. Those who read your narrative of him never will. Family members will always remember what you told them about your husband.

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