The Couple That _______ Together Thrives Together


A great word for marriage is together.  Two have become one and they have been joined to each other.  The concept of together should remain a constant for husbands and wives in marriage.  Consider the Lord’s statement.  “A house divided against itself cannot stand. . . ” (Matt. 12:25).   Sit down together take a piece of paper and you and your spouse write down things that are important to you.  Things like money, rearing children, time, housework, vacation, spirituality and any other thing you think important.  Write them all down and ask yourselves on which of these are we together?

You didn’t get married to remain single.  If you don’t agree, you can’t walk together.  I will tell you a little secret.  It really doesn’t matter what we do together, as long as we are together.

The couple that prays together thrives together –  What better way to help and enrich each other than by praying to God for and with each other. If you pray for anyone pray for yourself,  your spouse and your family.  You may pray for others more than you pray for your spouse.

The couple that plays together thrives together –  Don’t fool yourself, making friends apart from your spouse while having fun can lead to ruin.  If there were one person to have fun with in your life who better than your spouse? Your heart goes into having fun don’t give any of your heart to another, have fun together.

The couple that shares together thrives together –  Do you want fuel to propel you forward in your life.  Then share your hopes, desires and fears with your spouse.  You will want to help each other reach them. Sadly, many married people dream and are afraid alone.  Let each other into your hearts.

The couple that dreams together thrives together –  Write your story together.  Your past is gone, your future is ahead of you so write your dreams in the present.  You both will be committed to making them come true with and for each other. We, is one of the great words in marriage.  We planned, we prepared and we accomplished our dreams together.

The couple that worships together thrives together –   “Can two walk together accept they agree?”  This is God’s question to his people and it is a great question for husbands and wives.  God and his word shapes our thoughts, determines our beliefs and establishes our morals.  We need to be together spiritually, united in Christ through obedience to the gospel.  We can give each other tremendous help as well as grace, mercy and forgiveness as we both strive to emulate our heavenly Father. Christ is the standard for husbands as the church is for wives.

The couple that saves/spends together thrives together – Money is not the root of all evil but the love of money is.  Don’t allow money to ruin your marriage.  A great way to avoid financial troubles is to be together concerning your money.  First, see it as “our money.”  I’ve rarely heard of separate banking accounts working well for married people.  We can’t be united in everything but money.  Second, be wise and allow the person who is best with the money to be the primary manager of your money.  Third, be open and honest about money.  Don’t hide it, waste it or use it against each other.  Money is paper (cloth) it has neither mind nor soul.  It is a tool so use it wisely together. Don’t allow an inanimate, lifeless piece of paper to ruin your marriage.

The couple that disciplines together thrives together –  Children need parents not just one.  So develop a game plan for how you will rear your children. Don’t always make one parent the bad guy while the other always seeks to be the good guy.  If the parents are together the children will hear one voice and a consistent message.  But, if the parents are not together their children will use their division and conquer them. Don’t lose your marriage for your children.  If we are together, nothing can break us apart.  If we are divided our house cannot stand.


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